Sunday, August 19, 2007

Not All Birds are Meant to Fly and Someday... Everybody is Gonna Die

May I holdfast
Cast my anchors for the deep and weather the storm
I’m broken and I’m bleeding, but I know what I fight for

Watch the pilots as they soar by
Should’ve been you, but no matter how hard you try
You’re grounded
The wind is right, and you’ve got the wings
But you can’t take off, can make this tune sing
Is this the end, is this your death?
Or is there hope for a bird beyond the wind’s breath

So give me Goliath, give me the fight
I’m broken and I’m bleeding, but soon through the night
Dawn will break
Like Lazarus I will rise up
Through His power, this bird will take up
I know who I am, I know how I stand
By blood I will make my mark as a man
And whether in life or in death,
In weakness or in strength
I will stand

This candle won’t blow out
It flickers, barely in sight
But a mere spark is all it takes
A mere spark will light the night
So try and stop it, its already begun
The night is young and the forest aglow
Blow out this candle? No, watch it explode

This candle won’t burn out.

Not All Birds are Meant to Fly and Someday...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Of Age

twenty-one years of learning.
twenty-one years of enhancement.
it’s a means to an end.
so watch me chase the wind,
find meaning in the meaningless.
it’s my life,
it’s mine to take or waste
my dreams, my visions,
my goals and aspirations.
work harder,
then comes reality from apparition.
but what of the bottom,
the floor which I call home.
am I a failure
for not reaching the sky alone?

twenty-one years of me
twenty-one years of self-sufficiency
they taught me to do it myself
but here on the ground,
alone in the dirt,
i’ve learned the most important lesson
they do not teach,
i’ve learned from hurt.

i need YOU.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

What Shadow Can Withstand the Light (Oh Me, Oh My, What a Monster I Spy, Pt. 3)

I hate throwing up
Bile and blood baring my soul
It’s strange though
In my hands is the vomit-filled cup
And relief overcomes me, energy to wake up

Cut me open, let the poison flow
I know it burns, but its got to go
I want life
I want love
I will fight
With the strength of a bear for the peace of a dove

And though I may return to the night
Return to the shadows for short-lived delight
My shutters will not close

Glorious Sunshine
Melt away this frozen cage of bitter flesh
Burn through the skin, burn through the bone
Burn deep inside to cleanse this illness
And with your rising everyday
May I go blind
May I lose myself in Your faithful ray

Pass the Mylanta (Oh Me, Oh My, What a Monster I Spy, Pt. 2)

For some reason the rotten always seems most delicious
My desire for flesh always seems to come back and eat away at me
Something is wrong…

Why won’t this numb?
The pain burning within
Why won’t this numb?
The sore on my bloody chin
Why won’t this numb?
The stain on my cheek from the pleasure of sin
Why won’t this numb?

I should be dead to this by now
The pangs of conscience
Can a beast feel remorse?
Cause my stomach’s churning with a force

So true!
So Alive!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pardon Me, But May I Help Myself to You (Oh Me, Oh My, What a Monster I Spy, Pt. 1)

Look in the mirror, no one's there.
Look in the mirror, transparency.

Outstretched wings as I take to flight,
The night is mine, the flesh my delight.
I'm sucking the life out of You,
I'm sucking the life out of me.
Haunt. Hunt. Kill. Feast.
Haunt. Hunt. Kill. Feast.
Never enought to satisfy this beast.
With every victim I take down
I'll bury myself deeper in the ground.
I'm sucking the life out of You,
I'm sucking the life out of me.

What is this monster I've created?
Evil personified, Leviathon I've manifested.
Oh no, my Hyde is taking over.
Can I not escape this place?
Can I not escape my own Translyvania?
Can I not escape this place?
Can I not be saved?

Look in the mirror, no ones there.
Look in the mirror, transparency.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Call Me Atlantis, The Lost Son of the Sea

Where am I going?
The resounding nowhere.
I need to burn this town behind me,
But like the captain, I’m going down with this ship.
Is it fear that shackles me down,
Is failure my ball and chain?
Or is it my vision that I, like my Fathers before me, have something great to offer?

Were these dreams dreamt for dashing?
Were these hopes born for crashing?
I am nobody in a nowhere town,
Dreaming the best, but dreading the worst,
Oh God, not the worst…

I know Your plans are the future, plans of perfection,
But how many hours must I wait, how many days will pass?
What if it never comes, what if I’m forgotten
What if the future is now, will my gifts become rotten?

They all sing, everyone is singing: “I will wait for You!”
Call me weak; call me icy, but my patience cracks easily under pressure.
Am I blind, has my braille worn from years of sin?
I know You’re here, but I can’t feel the wind
When will You come, will You answer me?
Or am I Atlantis?
Slowly Sinking.
To be

So Here it is...

I am gonna post poems that i have written here everyonce in a while, some i have put to music, others are in the process, and some probably will never meet a musical note. I hope you enjoy the lines, and maybe we will agree on something, or maybe we won't. Oh well, i hope they cause you to think a little.