Saturday, September 8, 2007

I Am

i am,
a plastic bag in the wind,
an empty can made of tin,
a discarded sock, worn through and through,
a mighty ship, lacking crew,
i am empty.

i am,
the unfinished puzzle, waiting completion,
forcing pieces that will never be solution.
i am,
the rhyme, lacking the riddle,
quotes in time, but teaches so little.
i am,
the meal, so carefully prepared,
cold and dry, no one cared.
i am,
the groom, awaiting his bride,
but none would dare come for the ride.
i am incomplete.

i am,
the boy, lost in the store,
the apple, missing its core,
the bluebird, alone in the sky,
the beggar, on his way to die,
i am alone.

The breeze and I AM the drink.
The lesson that is taught in sync.
The Father and I AM the friend.
I AM satisfaction to the end.
I AM the fulfillment.
I AM the Completion.
I AM the Companion.
and I AM.