Thursday, August 2, 2007

Call Me Atlantis, The Lost Son of the Sea

Where am I going?
The resounding nowhere.
I need to burn this town behind me,
But like the captain, I’m going down with this ship.
Is it fear that shackles me down,
Is failure my ball and chain?
Or is it my vision that I, like my Fathers before me, have something great to offer?

Were these dreams dreamt for dashing?
Were these hopes born for crashing?
I am nobody in a nowhere town,
Dreaming the best, but dreading the worst,
Oh God, not the worst…

I know Your plans are the future, plans of perfection,
But how many hours must I wait, how many days will pass?
What if it never comes, what if I’m forgotten
What if the future is now, will my gifts become rotten?

They all sing, everyone is singing: “I will wait for You!”
Call me weak; call me icy, but my patience cracks easily under pressure.
Am I blind, has my braille worn from years of sin?
I know You’re here, but I can’t feel the wind
When will You come, will You answer me?
Or am I Atlantis?
Slowly Sinking.
To be

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