Tuesday, March 3, 2009


What a monster I am!
And yet I sit and dine in the presence of Greatness
Are you blind?
Have You no eyes to see me?
My knuckles are red and my teeth drip with blood
I am not clean enough for this table, for this love!

“This is my body and blood, Do this in remembrance of me.”
But memory only serves my sin
Of lust and hate, greed and rape
Forgive me! Forgive me!
It was I who betrayed you on that night
My hammer, my spear stole your wings from flight
I dwell in darkness and shun the light
Forgive me! Forgive me!
And yet somehow in this You love me. You love me?
Your eyes fall upon me and though they are filled with pain
No condemnation do they bring
Hope and peace, the song they sing:
Son, though to the darkness you fled
And in lust burned red,
My love was there with you!
Always was and always will!
Love is the picture I paint and the canvas I spill.
Come Son, now have your fill!

So here I sit
Devouring this bloody meal
Great mercy and grace, this I steal
In remembrance of You

Sunday, January 11, 2009

redeemed by the bottle

It's finally empty
Looking down, he sees no more left to drown
Nothing but a glass bottle; his worst fears come spiralling down
What of the money; what of his face
What of his family, he'll be a disgrace
"Oh God, what now?"

How can Great God let us fall?
How can Great God let us fall?
He wears his knees but his face still bruises
From life's pummeling and beating, choice he did not choose
Despair setting in
Faith is meager now
In frustration and rage he slams the bottle down
No alcohol spills, no drunken brawl ensues
Just shattered pieces of a life once pursued
Just shattered pieces reflect a forgotten lamb
Just broken pieces and a broken man

But from the shades, the sun peaks through
And reaches the broken glass, the bottle strewn
It reflects and refracts, a beautiful array
The sun transforms the broken to a glorious display
The Son transforms the broken to a glorious display