Sunday, August 12, 2007

What Shadow Can Withstand the Light (Oh Me, Oh My, What a Monster I Spy, Pt. 3)

I hate throwing up
Bile and blood baring my soul
It’s strange though
In my hands is the vomit-filled cup
And relief overcomes me, energy to wake up

Cut me open, let the poison flow
I know it burns, but its got to go
I want life
I want love
I will fight
With the strength of a bear for the peace of a dove

And though I may return to the night
Return to the shadows for short-lived delight
My shutters will not close

Glorious Sunshine
Melt away this frozen cage of bitter flesh
Burn through the skin, burn through the bone
Burn deep inside to cleanse this illness
And with your rising everyday
May I go blind
May I lose myself in Your faithful ray

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