Sunday, August 19, 2007

Not All Birds are Meant to Fly and Someday... Everybody is Gonna Die

May I holdfast
Cast my anchors for the deep and weather the storm
I’m broken and I’m bleeding, but I know what I fight for

Watch the pilots as they soar by
Should’ve been you, but no matter how hard you try
You’re grounded
The wind is right, and you’ve got the wings
But you can’t take off, can make this tune sing
Is this the end, is this your death?
Or is there hope for a bird beyond the wind’s breath

So give me Goliath, give me the fight
I’m broken and I’m bleeding, but soon through the night
Dawn will break
Like Lazarus I will rise up
Through His power, this bird will take up
I know who I am, I know how I stand
By blood I will make my mark as a man
And whether in life or in death,
In weakness or in strength
I will stand

This candle won’t blow out
It flickers, barely in sight
But a mere spark is all it takes
A mere spark will light the night
So try and stop it, its already begun
The night is young and the forest aglow
Blow out this candle? No, watch it explode

This candle won’t burn out.

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