Friday, March 22, 2013

Find Our Way Home

Field by snow covered field
I searched, but I-94 could not revelation yield
Its so easy to get lost in the smallest of towns
Listen to the whispers and reality upside-down:

Come and worship me, my udders hang low and not small
I am New Salem! The greatest heifer of them all!
Come and sing me praise! sing the sun, the snow, the sleet and rain:
I am Steele! The ever lovely long neck crane!
Come and bow low to me or I will defeat you, my foe
I am Jamestown! White Cloud! Albino Buffalo!

But in our rooms we learned to pray
to sing Your songs, to live the Way
Baptize us in the muddy Missouri!

Bismarck, our home, our peace, our grace
We first met You there, face to face
Baptize us in the muddy Missouri!

Burleigh County, I was lost and weak
You carried me there, You met my needs
Baptize me in the muddy Missouri!

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